Photosynthesis Tic-Tac-Toe Board for Ninth Grade Biology

Directions: Choose three activities in a diagonal or horizontal line to make Tic-Tac-Toe.

Analytic Intelligences
Interactive Intelligences
Introspective Intelligences
Logic Smart
Technology: Microsoft Excel
Product: A comparison chart between the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Print the product to share.
Body Smart
Technology: Lab equipment
Product: Collect samples from four different plants and use scalpels to prepare slides of plant cells. The slides will be used by the students who choose the Nature Smart activity.
Wonder Smart
Technology: Microsoft Word
Product: A letter to your grandchildren 50 years in the future describing what the world is like with 75% less trees than today. Print the product to share.
Music Smart
Technology: Open Minds Entertainment**/**, Microsoft Office
Product: Original rap song describing how plants take energy from the sun and convert it into energy for the plants. Type the words into Microsoft Office to print and share.
People Smart
Technology: iMovie, Internet
Product: A two-minute commercial describing the process of photosynthesis. With a partner, research the water loss that takes place during the process. Share your commercial with the class.
Picture Smart
Technology: MS Paint
Product: A four-cell cartoon drawing with a chloroplast as the main character describing the process of photosynthesis. Print the product to share.
Nature Smart
Technology: Microscope
Product: Look at slides of plant cells and identify, draw, and label the organelles seen in the cells. Turn in an individual lab write-up.
Word Smart
Technology: PowerPoint
Product: A PowerPoint presentation highlighting the key concepts of the chapter on photosynthesis. PowerPoint presentations will be projected to share with the class.
Self Smart
Technology: Microsoft Word
Product: Three-day journal entry describing how a young person’s daily life would be different if photosynthesis did not exist. Print the product to share.